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Abraham Muheize


Born and raised in El Cajon, California, Mr. Muheize has never settled for mediocrity. Well known for his persistent quest for entrepreneurial spirit, ingenuity, creative opportunity, and a dedication to community, he set his sights on a solid education, playing college football, and then returning to San Diego to give back to those who provided him with generous opportunity.

A dreamer, buoyed with passion, Abraham Muheize carried his love of sports—a winner of the prestigious KUSI Silver Pigskin Award, just like USC’s infamous Reggie Bush—to enter the competitive business realm: venture capital, sales and marketing, and philanthropy.

With his savvy business acumen, Muheize started the El Cajon Pro Am in 2016, first dedicated to raise invaluable funding for his alma mater, El Cajon Valley High School. At the time, Muheize played club basketball, for what became the top basketball league in San Diego, generating attention and awareness, with an additional local gift--$9500 to El Cajon High Valley School on behalf of improved education for students, parents, and the community. This lead to the start of Alumni United.

With the influence and impact Muheize earned after playing competitive local basketball, he continued earnestly serving those in his home community; building a credible voice based on his success; and, then strove to do more. Reaching beyond El Cajon, into the entire San Diego metro area, Muheize established an even greater platform on which he could continue to “give back”—an organic effort to build local spirit and team play through an honorable business partnership. This partnership led to thriving ABA San Diego Kings basketball.

Here, the Bachelor’s Degree in Inter-Disciplinary Studies with a minor in Communications proved worthwhile--topped with a love of sports and philanthropy. Abraham Muheize soon joined prestigious local San Diego attorney, King Aminpour, and have grown the San Diego Kings to a nationally top ranked team.

King Aminpour

The reputable founder of Aminpour & Associates, one of California’s leading personal injury law firms, King Aminpour illustrates an enlightening story about integrity, hard work, and diligence. families who have lost loved ones in car or motorcycle accidents. Having lost friends in auto and industrial accidents himself, Mr. Aminpour understands the agony and torment suffered by people and families who fall victim to the negligence and carelessness of others. Mr. Aminpour has been the recipient of prestigious honors such as being voted #1 Personal Injury Lawyer over the past five years by the readers of City Beat Magazine, and also voted San Diego’s Best Personal Injury Attorney by readers of the San Diego Union Tribune Newspaper. He attributes his success to ambition, integrity, and hard work, all qualities he exercises in all of his pursuits. Mr. Aminpour is a generous philanthropist who is deeply involved in the community. He serves on the boards and is a major contributor to “Alumni United”, an organization dedicated to helping the community of San Diego. Mr. Aminpour funds the program in order to provide over 3,500 meals to families every week at San Diego’s King Chavez Academy. Mr. Aminpour is also the largest donor of Alumni United and is the co-founder of San Diego Kings Basketball team (an official ABA team), currently the 2018 Far West Division Champions and ranked the #3 team by American Basketball Association. When he is not helping personal injury victims or giving back to the community, Mr. Aminpour enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Hart Marketing & Business Development


A local, family owned video production and full-service marketing company serving San Diego business owners in the interest of promoting community education, financial, and economic growth. Hart Marketing & Business Development provides San Diego with full service marketing, advertising, design, custom video, aerial video production and business solutions to partner with companies, nurturing that jump toward better and smarter business in San Diego. Hart Marketing & Business Development partners to join community- based efforts with the San Diego Kings, San Diego Kings Gear, Alumni United, Kings Commercial Slots, and Candid Chronicle.

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