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An Invaluable Commitment to the Future.

Alumni United offers scholarships and internships—thereby networking opportunities-- to students in San Diego County. This footprint allows students to acquire skills in professional demeanor, articulate communications, and self-confidence—grown in- and out- of - school campuses.

Alumni United teams with valued local businesses to engage students in current education objectives: schools have begun seeking community ties, such as those with Alumni United’s valued partners.  Working as interns encourages local businesses to engage enthusiastic students to work on interdisciplinary projects. That’s where it’s at in education today—wide perspectives gained through interdisciplinary studies.

These young adults would otherwise miss this chance to apprentice and tie their education to the real world. Together, school administrators, students, and businesses share ideas that come to fruition and serve the community at large.

It’s a fantastic way to render today’s education arena truly relevant and current. Alumni United’s Community Relations team invests its efforts to acquire the funding that ensures every potential scholar—or involved students and athletes—have the opportunity to connect directly with donors dedicated to Alumni United’s mission. 


ALUMNI United Encourages Students through NETWORKING, RELATIONSHIP BUILDING, Career ETIQUETTE through student teams working together, PROFESSIONALS AT conferences, Key EVENTS, and through internships. Students can often turn this investment into college credits—a win win for all. 

Benefits to Businesses, Students, Sports, and Donors: Team Enthusiasm.

Alumni United strives to promote its partners, through branding for awareness—increased revenue with longevity and promise in our programs. This effort weaves foundational concepts of team sports with pragmatic business objectives. For donors, a commitment to Alumni United presents much more than slapping a banner onto a wall at popular events and games.

Let’s keep kids off the streets.

Alumni United donors connect their businesses with students through local athletic programs. A great way to promote your business with effective advertising, word-of-mouth, social media, and personal connections in the community at a multitude of events.

Our team includes role models

Former athletes, coaches, sports advocates, scholars who love sports—all dedicated to “giving back” to the community and helping athletic programs. Like our founder Abraham Muheize, we pass it on.

Let Us Assist You and Build Your Brand.

Our team can deliver attention-grabbing promotions: creativity, production quality, and streamlined ease to help businesses raise funds that support athletic programs—our teen teams.  A full-service platform equips you. And you—with our partnership- based programs-- will meet all financial goals. As fundraising increases through donor efforts, business support, and sports, these intertwined efforts become simple, and appealing, through superb execution.

Promote Sports. Them All.

Every sport calls for savvy branding, exposure, and capital. We know that. 

So, we’re devoted to ensure that every students, team, and sport receives solid backing of the highest degree., Alumni United moves quickly—always timely—to extend your objectives beyond expectations. Team work.

Teach First. Let’s Get Started.

Let us help communicate a clear goal—a big idea.

Help students resonate with your brand identity-- customer promise.

Students engage with Alumni United to convey the right information to potential support: donors and customers.

Here students work and Alumni United stride forward reaching out to businesses, and then create a network with sports teams, opportunities to intern and learn, and the community—all toward raising funds. 

Spirit: Good and Innovative Teamwork. 

Sports around the globe inspires people to come together regardless of race, religious beliefs, and gender. The greatest athletes leverage their perseverance, work ethics, pride and excellence in sports to bring that experience to kids. Serve as role models. 

Lay a path toward student career success. 

In just two years, Alumni United has made great achievements in the community. Partnering with San Diego Kings (ABA), co-owned by top personal injury attorney, King Aminpour and Abraham Muheize –an inspirational education and sports enthusiast—have cleverly tapped into professional athletes and their resources to contribute back to local San Diego communities. 

Few young adults have the chance to rise in the NBA, NFL, or any other professional sports. It’s a tough road to tow. For Abraham Muheize, these statistics didn’t spell “loss”; rather Muheize garnered that enthusiasm and passion, placing it into enlightened education experiences, instruction, role modeling, and community internships. 

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